Last night was a bad night. Not health or nightmares this time, but the wind. Nope, not from my body as well but outside. Wheely bins and other stuff not tied down making a break from their usual positions and escaping down the street. Strange houses, I’m back in Hull for a few days R&R, always make me uneasy. The noise of the whistling howling and fury of mother nature as she tried to wipe man’s existence from the planet rose as she realised that just as the big bad wolf did, that this house built of bricks would not move. Therefore most of my night was spent awaken distracting myself reading and playing games. Only when nature tired herself out did I succumb to dreamland.

In that time though I caught up on lots of new music recommendations from Google Play. Albums by GreyWind, Oliver Wilde, Edenbridge VANT, Blackfield and Jesca Hoop all helped me pass the time of night. Some interesting new sounds for February, a few of them I’ll review when I get the time. Particularly liked Oliver Wilde. A sort of hotchpotch of moody music with a psychadellic, almost Indian feel to the music. Maybe a vinyl purchase coming along.

Anyway just checking in dear blog. Hope you haven’t been too lonely whilst I’ve been gone. Not many visitors I guess but never mind, you’re still in my mind. Back soon to write a few reviews and musings when the mood takes me.