Sometimes I’m just in need of a quiet thoughtful album to intersperse my prog rock/metal tendencies. This morning Google Play once again served me up a list of new releases. The stand out so far is this albums by Frances. I love the simplicity of some of the tracks, a wonderful voice backed by just a keyboard that make an idea quiet start for the day. Lyrics are simple as well, music stripped back at times with a slick pop veneer laid over the top. A bit like Adele at times, this singer has great potential.

Starting with Don’t Worry About Me, a song I’m sure will be forever used to express your feelings the album unfolds showing a talent that begs to be listened to. Love Me Again, Cloud 9 and the wonderful No Matter make this an album I’ll be returning to in the coming days. Not a classic just yet but an album that shows that singer songwriters are still around and producing some great music.